The Deacons serve as a liason to the congregation by way of the pastor. They serve communion, visit the sick and shut in, keep abreast of the congregation through the Tribe Ministry. Each deacon is assigned a certain number of members under their Tribe. This helps to make sure that each member is contacted by a deacon frequently to assure them that they are available when the need arises.
Bernard Sparks 001     Deacon Harry Barnett 001   DeaBerry 001 
 Deacon Bernard Sparks, Chair                  Deacon Harry Barnett                  Deacon Henry Berry
DeaWhitelow 001  Deacon Henry stinson 001  DeaFriley 001
 Deacon Walbrey Whitelow      Deacon Henry Stinson                         Deacon Richard Friley
Deagillespie 001        DeaJohnson 001             DeaWakefield 001
     Deacon Charles Gillespie                    Deacon Roxie Johnson               Deacon Cordelia Wakefield
                     Deacon Victoria 001                      HILL, Julius
                        Deacon Victoria Lewis                                          Deacon Julius Hill