Pleasant Green is a place for the members to grow in a church community., whether you are 2 or a 102, we want you to be involved in the church community by serving in any capacity you choose. A vision as bold and vast as ours must be guided by principles relative to worshiping God. Some objectives have been chosen to guide Pleasant Green in the fulfillment of its Christian Ministry. To this end we are forever striving to become: A Bible based, theologically relevant church, a church committed to increasing the love of God and the love of our neighbors in the world, a Spirit-filled church called to be led by God’s mission and to work for liberation, justice and the salvation of the human family as evidenced by our advocacy on behalf of the poor, homeless, and powerless in society, a church committed to investing in the youth to ensure that they have resources to become contributors and not detractors in society, a church committed to fighting against racism,sexism, age discrimination and human exploitation, a church living dependently upon God, committed to resourceful and faithful stewardship and finally, a church committed to the full development of all persons as children of God, working to be inclusive in all areas of the church’s ministry, and committed to the diversity of persons gifts to serve the purpose of God.

Some designated ministries are:

      • Worship Ministry
When the Sabbath was established in Exodus, God didn’t just say rest, God spoke to Moses and hollowed out the Sabbath as a day of worship. When we worship God out of obedience to our covenant with God, God makes a promist to us. Exodus 23-25, “Worship the Lord your God, and  his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness fgrom among you and none will miscarry or be barren in your land. Thus, every Sunday morning we assemble with gladness in our hearts reaffirming the words of David in the 122 Psalm, “I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the House of the Lord”
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    • Ladies Aid Society – Women’s ministry
The Ladies Aid Society  Ministry is an auxiliary of Christian women committed to studying God’s Word, following the teachings of JESUS CHRIST  and supporting the ministry of the Pastor in his efforts to promote the klove of GOD toothers through the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST. Members of the Ladies’ Aid Society will minister to the family of faith andhumility by exemplifying the love of CHRIST., nurturing each other through prayer, visiting the sick and shut-in, conducting training seminars and workshops that deepen their spirituality and by enhancing women’s self-esteem and their relationship with family members, the community of faith and others.
Being led by their theme: “Women Mentoring Women through Love’, the Ladies’ Aid Society Ministry will be an example of Christian love for the local church. Each member will strive to be the good role model for the women within the church and the community by “”Letting her light shine before others that they may see the good that she does and will praise our Father in Heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)
The Ladies Aid society sponsors a Prayer Breakfast each year.
    • Laymen League – Men’s Ministry
The Laymen League is composed of all men of the church, from young to old. These are men who praise and worship along with reaching out to the community to help with organizations who need financial as well as spiritual support. The men sponsor a prayer breakfast each year as well as a singing fellowship with other churches in the community. The men has a choir that sings for special worship service as well as when a Men’s Day is observed.
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Youth Ministry
The youth of Pleasant Green are active in the ministry of the church. Adults may be theones who shout..but theyouth will be the ones who are the future generation of worshippers; one in whom the LORD will commission to further carryout His will in the earth. With this being the case, there are events that are to be implemented in order to keep the youth engaged.
The fourth and/or fifth Sunday in each month is designated for the youth to lead and participate in the service. 
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Room in the Inn Ministry
Mission Statement: The mission of the Room in the Inn is to serve the homeless through the following acts of service: (meals, serving, clothing, toiletry and other services). We do this from the first Friday in November through the last Friday in March every year. We fellowship with each other while we are  preparing and serving the homeless. Our meeting times are in June. We are planning a celebration of our ministry when we clean the church in preparation of our coming season of serving the homeless in October. We implement our services through the volunteer efforts of church members and community friends and organization who are willing to share of their resources. Through the coordination of work crew members, we seek to make a difference in the lives of the homeless men who are served each Friday. The ministers of the church and others participate in a devotion time at the beginning of each meeting of the men on Friday nights.   
New Members Ministry
  New members add to the growth of the church. Whenever  someone  joins the church,  whether baptism, christian experience or the pastor and his ministerial staff counsels with them and invite them to the new members class, which is held each Sunday morning for a month. After the new members complete the class, they are welcomed the 1st Sunday, introduced to the congregation and given the right hand of fellowship.
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