Mission Statement Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church is a Christ-centered, Word based, Family-oriented, Ministry-active church striving toward greatness through Godly growth. We are a loving church, a Faith-Walking church, a Praying Church, a Word-Based church, a Christ-Centered church, a Ministry-Active church, a Family-Oriented Church, and a Worshiping church.

A vision as bold and vast as ours must be guided by some underlying principles. To this end, we are forever striving to become: A Bible based, theologically relevant church, a church committed to increasing the lo9ve of God and the love of our neighbors in the world, a Spirit-filled church called to be led by God’s mission and to work for liberation, justice and the salvation of the human family as evidenced by our advocacy on behalf of the poor, homeless and powerless in society. We are also a church committed to investing in the youth to ensure that they have resources to become contributors and not detractors in society, committed to fighting against racism, sexism, age discrimination and human exploitation, a church living dependently upon God, committed to resourceful and faithful stewardship, a church committed to the full development of all persons as children of God, working to be inclusive in all areas of the church’s ministry, and committed to the diversity of a person’s gift to serve the purpose of God.
The Pastor, the Ministers and Staff are committed to these principles. They follow through with these principles in the congregation and the community.
pastor 001           
Rev. Dr. Christopher Jackson, Pastor     
                              Coreen Jackson
                Rev. Dr. Correen Jackson,Ministerial Staff
    The Deacon  Board is responsible to the pastor and the congregatio n. They provide the needs of the church and are the designee of the Pastor. They have divided the members into Tribes and a deacon is responsible for a certain number of members of the congregation. They take communion to t he sick and shut  in, they serve communion on first Sunday and aid those in need when called upon.
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        DeaBerry 001                 Deacon Victoria 001  HILL, Julius